How to be the Best Teacher


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Teaching is unarguably one of the most important professions in human history; it plays crucial roles in shaping the human mind and helps people discover their inner selves. A good teacher is always organised, good-looking, humane, cheerful, time-conscious, and inspiring, among other numerous distinguishing attributes. Yet, discovering the charming sides of this lofty profession takes more than mere wishes.

Although it is hard to be perfect for everyone, these are some of the ways teachers can endear themselves to many of their students:

Teach them how to be independent: Students enjoy learning and often want to show their knowledge, growth, and capabilities. Giving students a chance to display their skills instils confidence in them and strengthens their trust in a teacher. In addition, teachers are most appreciated when they challenge students with independent-thinking problems, and in some situations, offer guides that encourage kids to improve their learning skills.

Learn from the students: A good teacher is not assertive. He or she should understand that students are humans who undergo the same stress, depressive moods, bad days, and temperaments like adults. These problems can be a result of academic challenges, family issues or psychological problems.

Good teachers employ close observation on all students. Where some of them showed signs of poor academic performance and are giving up on education, the teacher should desist from provocative arguments. Showing understanding for their laziness or slow learning abilities eventually inspire them to greatness.

Be like a parent to them. Show them support by inquiring about their personal problems and offer help. If they feel depressed for undisclosed reasons, try having a private conversation after classes to know what solutions might be helpful.

Know your limits: Students love cheerful, humorous, and outgoing teachers but professionalism demands that you know your limits as a friend and teacher. Listen to them, help them with academic works, share ideas with them, but always know who you are because good relationships often go awry when teachers start behaving like students.

In a situation where a teacher handles adults or teenagers who are nearly the same age bracket, he or she must avoid use of slang. Engaging in rude and unprofessional discussions leads to loss of reputation and eventually, students start taking you for granted.

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How do you deal with students’ misbehavior?

Teachers are more effective when they study students to know their life experiences, talents and needs, which are sometimes special. It would be nearly impossible to push a kid to greatness if you do not know his/her challenges. Therefore, charming teachers should exude purpose and passion. For example, giving useful directions to a lost person demands asking, “Where are you?”

You can never lead students to their destinations without first discovering their challenges. A good teacher must protect and properly manage the confidential information to achieve desired results.