How the world celebrated Karl Marx on May 5

Karl Marx was born to a middle-class family in Trier, Kingdom of Prussia on May 5, 1818 and he upturned his mountainous life challenges to become a renowned philosopher, economist, journalist, historian, political theorist and revolutionary socialist, among others.

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Marx made history with his political publication The Communist Manifesto, a book he co-authored with German thinker Friedrich Engels.

Through his political and philosophical thoughts, Marx exerted enormous influence on subsequent intellectual, economic and political history till date. His name has been used as noun, an adjective, and a school of social theory such as Marxism.

Marx would have turned 200 yesterday if he hadn’t answered his creator on 14 March 1883, yet, the untold number of revolutions he inspired around the world will forever live in our hearts.

Marx’s 200th birthday was celebrated with a huge statue of him erected by natives of the small German town, Trier, amid various tributes that flooded social media on May 5, 2018.

Commemorative celebrations of the writer whose works are well-read in China, attracted an invaluable gift from the Chinese government – Karl Marx’s giant statue. Officials from the Asian country were also present at the unveiling in Trier.

“The philosophers have only interpreted the world in various ways; the point, however, is to change it,” Britannica quoted Karl Marx in their tribute to the world-famous scholar.

Marx published “Capital” (Das Kapital) in 1867, laying out in its first volume his vision of capitalism and its inevitable tendencies toward self-destruction. The book’s revolutionary theories played a huge role in many international workers’ movement.