How Lil’ Wayne messed up Sandra Lee’s life before last Sunday’s Super Bowl event

The 2017 NFL Super Bowl event was made memorable with Lady Gaga‘s eye-popping performance but for three days before that Sunday night, Sandra Lee had something better from rapper Lil’ Wayne.

Sandra, the American television chef and author, said she didn’t sleep for days because her room at the All Seasons Hotel in Houston was next to Wayne’s.

Sandra Lee

Unfortunately for the 50-year-old celebrity, there was just too much distraction from her unruly neighbor who smoked pot and partied all night long in the build-up to Sunday’s football game.

Sandra, a member of the Super Bowl Host Committee, said she requested for room change but regrettably, the hotel was full.

As luck would have it, both Wayne and Sandra finally met in the elevator with some group of friends, according to a PageSix report.

“Hey Sara Lee! You going to cook for us?” the rapper asked.

Sandra replied: “Can’t make anything for the munchies today — gotta catch a flight.”

She is the “unofficial” First Lady of New York for her relationship with an American politician Andrew Cuomo, who has been the 56th Governor of New York since 1 January, 2011.

Andrew and Sandra have been together since 2005 although she’s commonly known for her “Semi-Homemade” cooking concept which involves seventy percent pre-packaged products and thirty percent fresh items.

Lil’ Wayne