Honor these commandments that you may live

There are a total of ten commandments handed down to mankind through the biblical Moses, but it appears there are more unwritten enactments elsewhere for Christians and Muslims alike.

A Muslim cleric Muhammad Baqir (‘A) outlined three commandments as “incontestable” and mandatory.

According to the Imam who writes on Sufi Comics, these explicit instructions have no room for flexibility.

First, you are required to honor your business or personal agreements with others no matter their personality. Leave it to God, who alone, has the power to condemn mortals.

Second, you must return a trust to its owner whether they’re wicked or good. Even the Bible advised us to give Caesar what belongs to him. Judge no one.


Third, be kind to your parents no matter how terrible you feel towards them. They might have offended you but we are all prone to mistakes. Your parents are gods to you, the same way you’d be to your children, so trash the unforgiving spirit and show them some good love. Life is too short to waste in anger and pains.