Hollywood Stars you probably didn’t know were devoted Christians

There are quite a good number of Hollywood celebrities who love God, not as part of their acting careers, but as truly devoted followers of Christ Jesus.

In other words, just like Mark Burnett, the producer of blockbuster movie “Son of God” rightly said: ‘There are so many born-again Christians who love Christ, who love God, in Hollywood.’



The famous actor who is popularly known for his role in “Rush Hour” said he accepted Christ after filming a 1997 flick “Money Talks.”

In 2015, he was arrested for speeding in Georgia. The comedian was charged for driving at nearly 120 mph, an offense he pleaded guilty although he later tendered apologies and was released.

His reason? Chris was running late to church.



The country singer and American Idol winner is popular for faith-based songs. Her inspirational songs like “Jesus Take The Wheels” and “Something In The Water” were reportedly idealized in the church.

Carrie Underwood was quoted as saying, “It’s easy to have faith when things are going great and you’re on top of the world. I’m winning, I’m selling, I’m on tour and this is all great! But this story is about having faith when the chips are down and how to deal with that.”



Actor Denzel Washington may be more known for his gangster roles in films like “American Gangster,” but he is also a devoted Christian.

The Grammy-winner and Hollywood Legacy Honoree told GQ magazine in 2012 that he “reads the Bible every day.”


He once said: “God has faith in me.”



Actor Martin Sheen also known for his liberal political beliefs is a dedicated believer as well. He was raised as a Roman Catholic, and although he did stray from the church, he returned after battling an illness.

During an interview Sheen is quoted saying, “It doesn’t really matter how much of the rules or the dogma we accepted and lived by if we’re not really living by the fundamental creed of the Catholic Church. That is service to others and finding God in ourselves and then seeing God in everyone-including our enemies.”



TV personality Mario Lopez revealed his faith after Pope Francis was elected.

Lopez tweeted, “Big moment for the church & for those of us who call ourselves Catholics. I hope Pope Francis comes with an open heart & open mind… #Faith.”

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