Pokemon Go Sex Predators: How A Couple Tried Enticing Kids Into Their Home.

The police is looking out for a couple who allegedly tried to trick kids playing Pokemon Go, into their home. The alleged sex predators invited two kids into their home while they were playing the popular game, telling them that they had Pokemon characters inside.

Image: Pokemon Go logo

However, the couple ran out of luck, as the boys aged 10 and 11 sensed danger and refused to enter their property.

The smart kids ran back to alert their parents who called in the cops immediately.

According to Daily Star, “the incident took place at a packed seaside park in Harwich, Essex. The location has a popular public swimming pool and a beachside promenade nearby”.

Describing the suspected sex predators, the kids’ parents said the man could be in his late twenties–“slim build, around five feet and six inches in height with dark brown hair”.

His female accomplice reportedly had “long, light brown hair”.

Though the general public have enjoyed Pokemon Go–as the popularity spreads around the world–this worrying incident comes amid warnings that some of the 50,000 registered sex offenders in England and Wales could use the game to target children.

Dr Mann [a senior lecturer in Criminology at Anglia Ruskin University] said: “In effect, what Pokemon Go has done is to provide a map of locations where children and young people can be found.“This is a dangerous tool in the wrong hands.”

There are risks that come with playing this popular game.

Last week, a young man was allegedly shot dead in a farmer’s wharf in U.S. while hunting around a farm yard to catch the monters on his phone. Police said in a report that the shooter was yet to be identified while the dead has been buried.

According to the report, a convicted paedophile named Randy Zuick in the U.S. was caught playing Pokemon Go with a teenager outside a courthouse in Indianna.

He violated a court order banning him from having contact with children, after he allegedly molested a young girl as a babysitter.

In Bosnia, CNN reported that a non-governmental agency is urging Pokemon Go users to be aware of their surroundings, for a good reason — land mines.

Posavina Bez Mina said on its Facebook page:
“We received information that there are cases where users of the Pokemon Go app in Bosnia are entering into mined forests and risky areas in order to find Pokemon.
“We ask all citizens to respect all signs warning them about mines and to not enter areas unfamiliar to them.”
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