Hilarious warning to INEC officials

corruption in Nigeria

If you are an INEC official, coming to my polling Unit, ensure you do the following for your safety.

1) Make sure you have your uploading password( Seriously not fake)

2) Original result sheet
( you paste one and go with the other)

3) Come with your food,water and mat ( incase there is no Network!)😙

4) Avoid whispering to any Agent especially PDP/APC Agent.

5) Don’t ask or collect any snacks or drinks from any idiot ( reason I said you should come with your own)

6) Tell your supervisor to arrange for a vehicle to convey the sensitive material to and fro the voting point.( You will not be allowed to join any unofficial vehicle)

7) Be ready to have a group photograph with us after snapping the results sheet

8) If you had collected money from them, for your life’s sake don’t spend it yet. E get why (there’s a reason).

9) There must be no mutilation of the materials. Take your time and do what is right.

10) Pray you should not be led into temptation because you might not be delivered from the evil that will follow

NB: INEC Guidelines was broken by its boss, we will help him Guide the Lines

Don’t rush to congratulate Tinubu – US Senator warns Biden

Jim Risch, the United States (US) Senator on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, has warned his country and President Joe Biden against embracing the outcome of the presidential election in Nigeria.

POLITICS NIGERIA reports that the February 25 election produced Bola Ahmed Tinubu of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) as president-elect.

A number of irregularities and shortcomings marred the National Assembly and Presidential elections, from alleged fabricated figures from key states to glitches connected to the Result Viewing Portal of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

In a statement released on Friday, sent to POLITICS NIGERIA, Risch said the “rush” of authorities to “embrace” the results of the 2023 presidential election, “will undermine our (the US’) ability to be an effective partner to all Nigerians, especially given their (Nigeria’s) longstanding desire for democracy”.

Risch’s statement reads in full: “The electoral process in Nigeria is widely viewed as deeply flawed by election observers and many Nigerians.

“It is disappointing to see the administration rush to embrace the result while the full picture of what occurred during this electoral process is yet to be seen.

“I’ve expressed similar concerns related to other areas of our relationship with the Nigerian government. I worry this rush to judgement will undermine our ability to be an effective partner to all Nigerians, especially given their longstanding desire for democracy.

“With Nigeria heading into state-level elections in just a few days (March 11), it is important that the United States be more concerned with supporting the Nigerian people and their democratic aspirations than embracing the Nigerian government.”