Guess Which Real Housewife Is Getting A Designer P****y?

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ONE of the Real Housewives of Cheshire is in for a treat when the series returns – a designer vagina.

Producers plan to give one of the glamorous British socialites a genital revamping worth £3,000 in a bid to boost viewing figures.

The procedure – known medically as a vaginoplasty – is “high on the agenda” as cameras prepare to follow the six businesswomen and socialites for the show’s third series – but show bosses are prepared for viewer outrage. 

Magali loves drama - she won't mind the backlash

Experts say the ‘painless’ sprucing up session is perfect for those who have had a baby – and all six of the main cast are mums.

Tanya Bardsley, wife of ex-Manchester United and Stoke City star Phil Bardsley, Dawn Ward, wife of ex-professional Ashley Ward, Leanne Brown, partner of ex- Man Utd and now Sunderland player Wes Brown, Magali Gorre, married to ex-Dutch footballer Dean Gorre, entrepreneur Ampika Pickston and businessman’s wife Lauren Simon.

An insider said : “We have been in touch with some experts who offer this procedure and have asked them if in theory this could be a treatment we could film on the programme.

“We have assured them that due to the nature of the procedure we would obviously be sensitive to the way this was to be filmed.

“It could well case a lot of controversy but to be fair this kind of cosmetic surgery isn’t uncommon in the circles that the girls in the series move.”

Blonde Leanne, partner of ex- Man Utd and now Sunderland player Wes Brown, has three children, while Tanya, hitched to Stoke City star Phil Bardsley, has two sons.

Controversial Magalli has three sons.

Meanwhile interior designer Dawn, 42, already has four girls but last series revealed she was hoping to have a bigger brood with ex-professional footballer Ashley Ward.

Dawn could call on enemy Sinitta for some pre-vaginoplasty advice

“She is splashing the cash on what she wants, and recently revealed that she had spent £32,000 in a single splurge”.

The champagne-swilling, money-spending, bitchy women have famously been at each other’s throats during the previous two series.

Leanne has three children

The last time viewers saw them battling it out was when they attended a masquerade ball hosted by Ampika and she handed them gruesome masks to wear, including a devil mask for Dawn which caused upset and anger.

In September, Dawn was accused of assaulting singer Sinitta – who recently narrated a vaginoplasty on Periscope.

Private clinics up and down the country offer Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation.

Ampika could be in line for the op

They describe it as “a common, painless and effective procedure aimed at tightening and giving volume to the entire vaginal canal”.

Clinics boast “exceptional” clinical results claiming there is “great improvements in vaginal tightness and sexual gratification.”