“God Loves Humor,” One Says After Seeing A Giant-size Penis In The Clouds.

A family was embarking on a trip when suddenly, it looked like God has a joke to crack–with a giant-size penis hanging in the clouds. It was a never-seen-before sight that added fun to their probably boring time out.

The pictures and video was shared online for the world to see how humorous God is.

Who could have possibly displayed a fluffy-dickle-penis in the sky?


The viral video posted online last Saturday has since gone viral. It has been viewed and shared a million times and more.

The hilarious video making rounds on the internet shows the moment a teenager captured cloud formation that looks like a sex toy.

In the ten-second video clip taken in Miami, Florida, a group of women are heard cackling at the sight of the giant male sex organ – measuring thousands of feet long.

It was a 16-year-old Samantha Meazaros who captured the footage.

The young girl was said to have been on her way home with mom and some friends after buying a pizza.

A moment later, they realized something was happening up there in the skies–though they knew it was only cloud formation–but everyone laughed uncontrollably at God’s humor. It was amazing, seeing that fluffy phallus up there.

Penis Cloud

She said: “My friends and I were on our way back from getting pizza and I look out the window and I’m like ‘mum that cloud looks like a you know what’.”

“My mum just looked over at the cloud and then to my friends and I and started laughing super hard,” she added.

“We had to pull over cause she couldn’t drive because we were laughing so much.”