German Boy, 13, Caught Trying to Join ISIS.

Today April 16, 2016 a young German boy aged 14 who was caught on the Turkish-Syrian border on his way to joining the ISIS fighters has been returned to Bavaria.

The boy grew up in Munich but started his journey to Syria nine months ago when he was only 13 years old.

He spent several months in a Turkish detention center after he was caught before authorities decided let him go back to his country today.

He confessed that his initial plan was to join the ISIS and get a military training so he could get back to Germany and carry out bloody terrorist attacks that would have seen hundreds massacred, Die Welt reported.

A representative for the German Federal Police confirmed that the boy is an Iraqi. He flew into the country from Ankara on Thursday in the company of Turkish police officers.

The police escorted him throughout the duration of the flight until he was handed over to the airport police department in Munich. His mother was on ground to welcome him, they both had a brief talk before the authorities took him away for further investigations.

ISIS has shown no regard for the innocence of children who they have exploited in their global acts of terrorism.

The terror group has no problems recruiting children into it’s ranks. In Syria ISIS has founded training camps for children where they use dolls to teach them the proper way to behead someone.

Some reports are even more horrific, telling that the ISIS has been encouraging young boys to play football with the decapitated heads of their victims in a bid to desensitize them to violence.