Marcus Rashford: Will Manchester United Catch Him Young?

This amazing young Manchester United player, Marcus Rashford has made headlines as well as included his name in the list of most favored youth stars with great potentials for stardom.

The 18-year-old has scored six time in eleven first team appearances and earned only a yellow card in few weeks after he debuted for the club.

Marcus is not slowing down yet, and in fact, he won’t.

The Manchester United player has great skills, awesome vision, and the killer instincts of a lethal striker. He could be on his way to representing England at the Euro 2016 games in place of Wayne Rooney, who knows?

Reports confirm that the goal-king currently earns £5,000 for every first team appearance and £1,500 as weekly wages.

The salary and bonus he gets isn’t bad for his age and experience but the good thing is, he has nothing else to prove to Manchester United.

Marcus Rashford has the traits of a player who could be crowned the world’s best someday. Therefore, every Old Trafford fan is hoping that the star will not leave the club in the same way that Paul Pogba did.

It’s been confirmed also, that his contract will expire after next season so we need not panic that there’s no talks about contract extension yet. There’ll surely be interests from the big spenders when the time comes close.

For now, Marcus should put aside his worries about an explosive contract and do what he knows how to do best – scoring superb goals.

Would it be bad if Marcus Rashford gets his contract extended right now? Can that be a source of motivation or a kind of distraction? Why is Manchester United mute on this important issue?

5 thoughts on “Marcus Rashford: Will Manchester United Catch Him Young?

  1. Mourinho did the right thing by keeping Marcus with him. It would have been another disastrous waste if he had sold the youngster just like Alex Ferguson sold Pogba.