Police in Russia Arrests The Most Wanted ISIS Recruiter.

The police in Russia has successfully arrested and detained one of the most wanted ISIS recruiters on Saturday.

Vladimir Kolokoltsev (Head of Russian Interior Ministry) confirmed that the ISIS recruiter has been working as a taxi driver in Moscow all these years.

“We have completed a special operation, code name “Taxi.” The police had to look through the dossiers of over 173,000 taxi drivers… One of those drivers was wanted internationally for recruiting ISIS fighters,” he remarked.

Using a wide variety of methods and especially propaganda, the notorious ISIS has successfully recruited young and old people around the world.

Dagestan car bomb Islamic State

Russia which has been at a risk of turning into a recruiting ground for the fighters has taken a bold step towards curtailing such ugly trends.

It was estimated by the FSB in December 2015 that about 2,900 Russians had connections with ISIS. The suspected Russian nationals were said to have participated in some ISIS-organised activities.