When The Dead Talks, Secrets Are Revealed.

A man was hailed as a hero for accepting to look after his girlfriend for the rest of his life. The girl, 20 years old at the time, was in coma so he swore to stand by her side until death comes but she survived.

He has kept his word for about 2 years.

Then, in a surprise twist of event, the sick girl luckily woke up from coma only to accuse the ‘loving and caring boyfriend’ as being responsible for her condition.

She said the Chinese boyfriend bashed her in an attack that nearly killed her, over a few pieces of burnt bread. The couple were running a bakery business together.

The local media around China had portrayed the boy as a hero. He has also been seen by many as a selfless partner who should serve as an example to many young and old.

The boy Liu Fenghe is from Dalian, Liaoning province. He is said to have spent about 200,000 yuan ($35,000) on medical treatment for the girlfriend Lin Yingying who suffered a severe head injury in September 2014.

Police has commenced investigation into the matter.