Floyd Mayweather reveals a World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Secret

Floyd Mayweather isn’t a talkative but the kind of sportsman who prefers talking with fists and punches in the boxing ring, but there’s a secret he can no longer live with.

It’s about one of the nightmares he has ever battled — the legendary wrestler we all know as Paul Donald Wight II.

Mayweather got tired of lying about this for so long and had to uncover this shocking secret about one weird WWE request he received shortly before his first stint at WrestleMania.

It was a match between him and none other than the famous Big Show.

The professional American wrestler, also known by his ring name The Giant, is currently signed to WWE and the Raw brand. He won the World Heavyweight Championship (WHC) twice; WWF/WWE twice and WWE’s World Heavyweight Championship twice.

Paul also won ECW World Championship once, and remains the only wrestler to have won in all categories.

The 45-year-old isn’t a gentleman in the ring — something Mayweather knows deeply in his heart, but the undefeated champion is a brave boxer who could beard the lion in his den any day.

Paul the Big Show had a time of his life when he squared it up with Akebono at WrestleMania, popularly known as “The Show of Shows,” “The Showcase of the Immortals,” and “The Greatest Spectacle in Sports Entertainment.”

During the Sumo match, part of a few crazy things he did was dressing up as an adult baby wearing a diaper, using a drag and more.

However, the fight between Mayweather, and The Big Show was definitely a fight to watch. It was perhaps the boxer’s biggest moment with surprising twists and turns. They faced each other in 2008 at WrestleMania 24 but to make that historical match become reality, The Giant met with May a month before he featured in “No Way Out.”

Both boxer and wrestler discussed details of their expected WrestleMania match, paying attention to the tricks and surprises we were all meant to see. It was tensed, bloody and very close to being real. At least, we now understand better.

The spectacular acts were meant to capture the audience’s attention and increase people’s admiration for the WrestleMania showdown.

No other match could have inspired such awe if not that particular one between an undisputed weltherweight champion and a monstrous-looking giant who stands seven feet above the ground.

The Big Show warned Mayweather that something risky and bloody must be done at all costs.

“I told Floyd to break my nose,” The Big Show told the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast. “If he didn’t do something huge that night, our angle was dead in the water.

“It’s just the size disparity, I was trying to do something different than a normal wrestling angle, so this is an opportunity with a trained professional, who I trusted, and is one of the greatest fighters who ever boxed (to do something special).

“I’d spent a whole year messing around the ring boxing, so I knew he knew how to break my nose without shoving it through the back of my head. It was a left hook, it was awesome.”

Boxing champion Floyd Mayweather wrestles Big Show.

Big Show continued: “There’s a way he could have broken my nose that would have sprayed it all over my face, I mean, I can do that. I can hit someone in the nose and spread it all over their face — Floyd did it and it was fine.

“I told him when you do that, make sure you run. Because they’ll be about five or ten seconds that I won’t be in my right frame of mind.

“I’m human, when that blood hits the back of your throat, you’re pissed.

“I think that’s a thing a lot of fans don’t understand, our guys give a lot and not just for the match that they see. It’s the prep time that goes into it,” Big Show said.

Floyd Mayweather’s upcoming fight against UFC Champion Conor McGregor will likely be the best the world will ever see.

“He (McGregor) don’t want that fight. Floyd’s gonna turn him upside down,” Mayweather Sr. said in favor of his 40-year-old son. “That be like you and Floyd in the ring! He looks bad in the ring. That’s a done deal right there.

“They’ve already showed the best that he’s got.”