Financial advice for times like this

These fiancial management tips have been compiled to help you wade through this difficult COVID-19 lockdown.

1. Put all projects on hold for now, such as building project or any other ongoing project.

2. Get enough food in the house.

3. Don’t rush to invest your money in anything at the moment. Wait till everything calms down.

4. Reduce your movement to and fro as much as possible. Not a time to pay for visa application/processing to any country.

5. Avoid rushing to buy material things such as clothes, shoes, bags, electronics, etc. Let your priority at the moment be the essential and unavoidable expenses.

6. Subscribe to your DSTV, GoTV or any other cable TV to keep your family busy and make the home more accommodating.

7. Financial demands will increase from friends and family at this period. Make sure you do not do more than you can so you don’t go stranded.

8. Hold unto enough money as much as possible in your bank account.

9. This isn’t the best time to change accommodation. Try as much as possible to wait till this is over.

10. Reach out to the less privileged around you in your own little way.

More importantly, take time to pray for our nation and nations around the world.