Facts about Bonnie and Clyde

Bonnie and Clyde, lovers and criminals who traveled the Central United States during the Great Depression were not considered as romantic back then as they are today.

Their gang was responsible for at least nine police officer and several civilian deaths.

It is unsure how the couple met but it is thought that it was love at a first sight.

When Bonnie and Clyde met (probably in 1930), the latter already had a criminal record but that obviously did not bother Bonnie.

She decided to join him in his criminal undertakings and stayed with him until the very end.

Clyde was suspected of numerous killings and was wanted for murder, robbery, and state charges of kidnapping, according to the FBI.


They were ambushed by the police in Bienville Parish, Louisiana in 1934 and killed, after one of the most colorful and spectacular manhunts the nation had seen up to that time.

The couple wanted to be buried together but Bonnie’s family did not allow it.