Everyday is for the thief, one day for the owner

Thieves always have a field day until karma hits hard on them.

In an incident that best interprets this saying, “Everyday is for the thief…,” Tom Drury says he was very grateful to a criminal who broke into his car to steal a radio set.

Tom had visited his uncle’s home in Perth, Australia, and was inside for a chit-chat while the thief had a field day.

Unfortunately for the dumb bandit who was in so much hurry to steal from Tom’s Mazda 1994 car, he committed the silliest error one would never have expected of a burglar.

The car owner was heartbroken after coming out from his uncle’s house and noticing the car he parked on the front lawn had a smashed window. He panicked for a moment but not until he realized the car radio was missing.

On a closer inspection, Tom burst out laughing knowing it was good riddance to bad rubbish.

The excited car owner told WA News that the car stereo was almost broken because he had tried taking it out but failed. It was very easy for the criminal who only needed to yank it out without breaking anything of worth, he said.

According to Tom, the stereo would be long gone if only he had the right tools to unscrew its bolts.

Rather mourn the loss of a worthless radio, the car owner had something to celebrate. The thief had left behind some cash worth more than the stolen stereo.

Mr Drury discovered the money when checking what had been taken from his car.

Tom was looking around his car when he noticed there was a $10 dollar note – and few gold coins which totaled up to £13.60 – on the driver’s seat.

“The stereo was broken – it didn’t pick up radio stations and didn’t read any discs – it was just rubbish,” he said.

“I had tried removing it not long before, but I gave up out of frustration.

“To get it out, I needed a special tool I didn’t have, so when I saw that the stereo was removed, I couldn’t help but laugh.”

Mr Drury isn’t an ungrateful car owner. He sent an unusual “thank you” message to the thief who must be crying out his heart wherever he was.

In his words: “If I could say one thing to the thief, it would be ‘thank you.’

“Thank you for paying me for a service I was going to pay someone else to do. And by the way, no refunds!”