Eric Lefkofsky and the Groundbreaking Health Tech Tempus

Eric Lefkofsky is a Chicago-based serial entrepreneur, founder, and co-founder of many large businesses. Eric Lefkofsky is a trustee of the Chicago-based Lurie Children’s Hospital, the Museum of Science and Industry, the Art Institute of Chicago, as well as the World Business Chicago. Eric Lefkofsky is Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Steppenwolf Theather Company also based in Chicago.


Image: Eric Lefkofsky

One of the front and center points of focus for Eric Lefkofsky for the past couple of years has been the company of Tempus working technology. It was co-founded four years ago and was recognized as a top startup in the business of health tech. Up to date, Tempus is firmly focused on moving the evidence-based medicine in cancer research and patient treatment forward.

Tempus is working closely with the National Cancer Center and its labs and offices across the United States of America. The company of Tempus gives a full specter of cancer testing, RNA sequencing of tumors, sequencing germline DNA and individual patients’ tumors, characterization tumors based on the immune system, drug testing on organoid cultures of tumors, machine learning, medical imaging, and pathology.

The Tempus Labs have been recognized and described as groundbreaking. At the Tempus Labs experts work with gene editing and gene therapy. Those two biotechnologies are now used to combat diseases that medicine had categorized as untreatable in the past. Gene therapy is used to cure a rare type of vision loss passed through generations, for example, and gene editing is used on patients with the Hunter syndrome, and the results will be announced at a later point.

Other groundbreaking technologies include two kinds of glucose sensors, a pathogen sequencing technology, immunotherapy using chimeric antigen receptor T or CAR-T for short, as well as a smartwatch for reading the blood pressure. Artificial Intelligence is also used with eye diseases.