Eric Clapton Mourns.

Eric Clapton has joined the long list of fans in sharing his grief over Prince’s death. He called the late music icon, “a true genius.” In a historical confession of how Prince impacted on his life, Eric Clapton explained on his Facebook page how the artist inspired him to write the song “Holy Mother.” It … Continue reading Eric Clapton Mourns.

Mini-Kim Kardasian Dead @ 32.

The world is mourning a Kim Kardasian's look-alike who died at 32 over the weekend. Late Kimberly Tripp was a performer in Las Vegas. She was known as Mini Kim Kardasian. Kim Kardasian, 35, sent her condolences via twitter yesterday: "My thoughts and prayers go out to Kim Tripp's friends and family!" "Rest in peace … Continue reading Mini-Kim Kardasian Dead @ 32.