English Proficiency: What do we know?

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

It’s “spaghetti” not “supergetti”
It’s “lagging” not “lacking behind”✍️
It’s “expatiate” not “expantiate”
It’s “penalty” not “penarity”🤣
It’s “tuck in” not “tore in”
It is “without mincing words” and not “without mixing words”
It’s “steer clear” not “stay clear”.
It’s “sail through” not “scale through”.
It’s “standard living” not “sandalili.”
It’s “oh singers sing on” not “o singo singo”
Its “brisket bone” not “biscuit bone”.
It’s “rack your brain” not “crack your brain”
It’s “the end” or “extreme”, not “extreme end’.
It’s “put to birth” not “put to bed”👂
It’s a “penthouse” and not “a painthouse”.
It’s “cervix opened” not “service open”
It’s “enmity” not “enemity”
It is “at this juncture” not “junction”.
It’s “Postpone’ not ‘Prospone”.
It’s “as and when due”, not “as at when due”
It’s “rainy season” not “raining season.”
It’s “adding salt to injury” and not “adding insult to injury”.👈
It’s “pronunciation” not “pronounciation”
It’s “a little” or “a bit” not “a little bit”
It’s delicious” not very tasty”
It’s Hilarious” not very funny
It’s freezing” not very cold
It’s scorching” not very sunny.
It’s thrilled” not very Happy
It’s devastated not very sad”