Eminem’s new beard is breaking the Internet, and he’s not smiling

Eminem will quite admit there’s a transformative power in new beard, if he never knew this all these years.

The 44-year-old got Twitter users freaking out since pictures of his new look surfaced online.

@Daniel_Averil commented, “Didn’t think Eminem could grow facial hair tbh.”

“This Eminem beard thing is playing way heavier on my mind than it should be…” writes @wtdb (When The Beat Drops).

Em has been busy with plans on his 15th anniversary for The Eminem Show, the rapper’s fourth studio album which was released way back in May, 2002.

Image shows Marshall Bruce Mathers III, popularly known as Eminem.

Although the proud father-of-three gives credit to a 1998 movie from Jim Carey “The Truman Show” as his inspiration for the album, Twitter posts show no one could care more for his upcoming event when something supernatural is happening.

What took it so long, man? It’s been like ages, honestly.

The “White America” rapper showed up at the premier of HBO’S documentary series The Defiant One on Friday, and guess what! He was the center of attraction even though he’s yet to quench our thirst for hardcore lyrics. The attention was all for his new beard, anyways.

HBO, Dr. Dre and Jimmy Lovine will go live on July 9.

Em does have some kind of air around him despite rumors that he’s suffering “album relapse.”

There are speculations that the “9th Mile” rapper’s new beard could be a sign that he’s about to drop another hot album. It could be with fellow rapper 2 Chains, who was in Los Angeles last Saturday, 24 June, and had a chance to hang out with Slim Shady.

The Atlanta rapper took to social media and shared the cute pix afterwards with a caption, “Sooo this jus happened ……#marshalllikestrapmusic 🌸🏚🤧”

@hairweavekiller So this jus happened....... #marshalllikestrapmusic 🌸🏚🤧

Image shows Eminem and 2 Chains.

Meanwhile, the Detroit rapper was stoked to have Dr. Dre and Kendrick Lamar around him. He shared his beautiful photos on Instagram.

“Just a couple of guys from Compton and one from Detroit. With a beard. #thedefiantones,” he captioned the picture which earned over 966,000 “likes” and around 30k comments within 24 hours.

Just a couple of guys from Compton and one from Detroit. With a beard. #thedefiantones
  • _xjackson1Love the beard
  • james_j2402Where’s the album tho?
  • marshall.rennerNice beard my man when’s the album dropping ❤❤❤🐰
  • imarleybobStill dre! Bunny rabbit!!!!
  • tarvaris_cortezCan’t leave rap alone, the game needs me. Til we grow beards get weird and disappear into the mountains. Nothin but clowns down here, but we, ain’t fuckin around round here. Yo Dre, can I get a hell yeah?
  • khalidalrimiYou guys really need to do at least one album 😪
  • mahmoud_nolaBeen listening to eminem since I was 6 years old
  • mahmoud_nolaHuge fan man
  • mahmoud_nolaI always tell my friend he’s the best rapper
  • mahmoud_nolaThey be comparing you to all em fake rappers
  • fernando_monroy_lopezTwo of my favorite rappers with Dre, wow and I never seen him with a beard
  • arnold181996I love Eminem more than anything but why doesn’t he smile anymore? Why’s he always sad?
  • matthewoneil12Shave the beard please
  • d_ramos77You look sick with the beard 🔥🔥

Southpawer Official wrote, “Can’t believe it’s 2017 & Eminem breaks the social media with ‘beard.’ What will happen when the album drops?

Eminem ain’t relevant, they said.”

Another Instagram user with the handle @Air_shocks wrote: “Eminem finally hit puberty 😂😂 pic.twitter.com/SxekgwP61m.”