Eminem To Re-release 1999 Album On Cassette.

Just after we learnt about Kanye West’s plan to thrash releasing future albums on compact discs, Marshall Bruce Mathers III popularly known as Eminem had decided prior to Kanye’s tweet that he is going farther backwards.

The Detroit rapper Eminem has plans under way to re-release his 1999 album “The Slim Shady LP” on cassette tape.

Eminem Based On

Eminem released “The Slim Shady LP” as a second album on 23 February, 1999. The effort debuted and climbed to No. 2 on the Billboard 200.

“My Name Is” and “Guilty Conscience,” are some of the popular tracks in the album. 

The 9th Mile rapper and actor described his sophomore effort as an advisory sticker (highly X-rated) and said in a vintage Rolling Stone interview, that it isn’t for young people to hear.

“Cassette re-issue is coming soon,” Eminem revealed on his twitter handle. Good for everyone including moms and dads especially in rural areas who still blast jamz on radios. Not a bad business plan after all.

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In the tweet, Slim Shady included a link his record’s website and urged fans to sign up early in order to get the first issues of the cassette together with other exclusive merchandise.

“The Marshall Mathers LP 2” Eminem’s last album was released in 2013.

The American rapper, songwriter, record producer, and actor from Detroit, Michigan is expected to perform at three upcoming South American Lollapalooza festivals, starting in Sao Paulo, Brazil on March 12.

Though Eminem remains one of the world’s most successful rappers, his music has gained a lot of controversy.

Eminem is known to pay less attention to rape of girls, women and children. In his song called Vegas, released in 2014, he rapped about raping famous Iggy Azalea. Eminem seems to care less if his music is encouraging rape.

The lyrics include: “So what’s it gon’ be? Put that shit away, Iggy. You don’t wanna blow that rape whistle on me. Scream! I love it. Before I get lost with gettin’ off.”

Worse still, during Eminem’s verse on the track Medicine Man, he said: “Ain’t no one safe from, non-believers there ain’t none / I even make the bitches I rape cum.”