Local Farmer Successfully Opened A Fake Bank And It Operated For 1 Month.

China Construction Bank (CCB) is one of the biggest banks in China – if not the biggest. Little wonder why a smart local farmer tried mimicking the exact look of the state-owned bank as he established and operated a fake branch for over 1 month until he was busted.

This is a real picture of CCB:3

Take a look at the fake branch: 1

The fake CCB branch in Lanling, Shandong was later raided by local police and the owner was arrested.  4

A first look at the entrance, message board detailing opening and closing hours or the banking hall would never give out any hint that the bank was a scam. The planning and execution of the fraud was really impressive.

The “bank” only offered deposit services, China News Service said.


According to Tencent News, the story came to light after a depositor, who put in RMB40,000 (about $6,500) last month, called the police after he could not take money out from his account.

In a similar development, back in January this year, a fake bank in Nanjing, Jiangsu fooled almost 200 people who gave away RMB200 million in deposits.

china fake bank

It was shut down after operating for more than a year. Four “executives” of the non-existent “Nanjing Xinmeng Rural Economic Cooperative” were held.

china fake bank