Chinese celebrities admit education has no limits


The picture above shows a group of Chinese adults, mostly parents studying English language. They have shown great courage in their efforts to get college education notwithstanding their ages thanks to development.

The media asked this question, “Will English be a must-have skill for China’s entertainment stars in the future?” 

Everyone knows the answer. English language as a communication tool in a world where business, technology and culture are fast breaking boundaries, can’t be limited to the entertainment industry only. It is a necessity for everyone, young and old.

Chinese actors and actresses are going back to school for English studies. Those who are limited by time, pay private tutors for VIP lessons.

Surely, English language is not only acquired for playing movie roles that could break records at the Box Office, it bridges the communication gap between foreigners and the growing Chinese population, thereby enhancing the quality of lives among people.

5 thoughts on “Chinese celebrities admit education has no limits

  1. Hi, i read your blog occasionally and I found this particular old age education stuff to be funny. What have they been doing all these years? Lol

  2. Education has no age limit though most people believe there’s a limit to what the brain can assimilate when someone gets older. Especially if they stopped learning for a long time. This in encouraging.