How to get rich by chatting

A job to help people release pressure by chatting

Han Chenzi chatting with a client.

A young woman named Han Chenzi, in her 20’s is providing a chatting service in Xi’an, Northwest China’s Shaanxi Province. The service she renders is like psychotherapy in that the clients can seek stress relief by talking to someone about their problems.

Interestingly, Han isn’t a therapist.

She graduated from college with a law certificate but has changed from one kind of job to the other. Han said her rich experience in working with people is what gave her an understanding of how an average Chinese feels.

In a way, she’s got the magic wand.

She admitted, “Most of the clients are willing to talk about their love stories, and I recorded these stories that were authorized by my clients”.

“In the future I want to hold an expo about love when I’ve collected more than 200 love stories,” Han added.

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