Image: Donald J. Trump giving a speech at a rally in New York.

“We are in the middle of the single worst ‘recovery’ since the Great Depression. Economic growth is at 1.2 percent – the third straight quarter of less than 2 percent growth. Many workers today are earning less than they did in 1970, and household incomes are down nearly $2,000 under the Obama Administration.

We have the lowest home ownership rate in 51 years. The number of workers who work part-time because of poor business conditions increased by 5.8 percent last month. 102 million people are either outside the labor force or unemployed. 58% of young African-Americans are either outside the labor force or unemployed.

We hit a trade deficit of nearly $45 billion in the most recent month (an 8.7% increase), and nearly $800 billion last year – shipping millions of jobs overseas. Entire communities have been wiped out by offshoring.

The economy the media and the Clinton Machine is describing is an economy that doesn’t exist for most Americans – it’s an economy enjoyed by her donors and special interests, and one suffered through every day by millions of Americans.”

– Stephen Miller, Senior Policy Advisor