Do it for the love of God

The 10 commandments in Exodus 20 have 10 aspects of love verbalised: Towards God (the 1st 4 commandments) and towards others (the last 6 commandments).

Bible: The word of God

Love Towards God;

  1. Love is loyal and not fickle…vs 3
  2. Love is faithful. Faithfulness is loyalty extended….vs4-6
  3. Love is reverent…vs 7. If you love God, you will not allow the name of God to be used in vain.
  4. Love is intimate….vs 8-11

Love towards others;

  1. Love is respectful…vs 12.
    Love is not lawless, it is not rebellious.
  2. Love is harmless…vs 13. Love doesn’t hurt anyone. Where there is true love, there is no injury.
  3. Love is pure…v 14. Adultery, immorality defiles, love seeks only purity.
  4. Love is unselfish…vs 15. Love doesn’t steal, love gives. It doesn’t take.
  5. Love is truthful..vs 16. Love doesn’t lie against her neighbour.
  6. Love is content…vs 17. Love is “I am so glad that you have that”.

All Jesus was saying in Mark 12, summing up the Law; LOVE.

Hence the plant St Paul in Eph 5:2… Walk in Love.

Biblical love is not an emotion. It is never defined as an emotion. It is an act of self-sacrificing giving. It is the love that doesnt exist on the basis of reciprocation. It is that humble, obedient, self-sacrificing, self-giving love. If you dont love, you are a sinner.

Biblical Love is unconditional. Eph 5:2

In order to achieve these, Put the word of God in your mind. Fill your mind with the Word of God in order to be controlled by the biblical truth.