D’Jango, My Love


‘It takes just two to tango,’

I’d like to tell you, D’Jango

With all your stunts, guts, and gun,

You’re still so insecure.


You cry at night and wipe your

Tears for love with lies obscure;

Do you think that I’d laugh at

My heartthrob for saying that?


It’s OK for men to cry

You’re still strong and masculine

in your weakness and girliness;

So, don’t be hard on yourself.


Fatherhood isn’t child’s play;

But you make it a fair game

Played with great honour and pride

You’re a great mind inside.


Don’t postpone your tears, my love

Break your walls and feel the touch

of someone you deeply trust,

and lose yourself in my gust.


You’re a rare gem, D’Jango

I admire your heart of gold,

and wish to be your crown queen

through terrains unknown and steep.


Hold my hands and whisper words

sweet and soothing like hyssop;

Call my name when you’re down,

and I’ll turn your life around.