Customer experience strategy

Assessment Brief

You are required to write a 2,500 word report on the customer experience (CX) strategy of Samsung for their mobile phone product lines. You should base your report on the analysis of their CX strategy in one specific country in which they operate, which you must identify in the introduction to your report.
You should write your report for the Board of Directors. Within the business report, reference should be made to relevant CX concepts, literature and application as appropriate. Only use graphics or tables to answer the requirements where it is suggested to do so.
The Learning Outcomes that you have to meet in order to pass this assessment are:

  1. Appraise the importance of customer experience for the success of the business.
  2. Design and implement a customer journey mapping process, persona creation and measurement metrics
  3. Evaluate and propose organisational CX performance metrics.
  4. Evaluate how organisations ensure a seamless omni-channel customer journey.
  5. Identify and critically evaluate CX processes in different industries and different brands and discuss success factors.
    You need to address the following tasks:
  6. The importance of customer experience (10 marks, LO1): explain and critically evaluate the concept of customer experience. Appraise the importance of CX in the case of Samsung mobile phones. (Suggested word count: 300 words)
  7. Consumer persona creation (15 marks, LO2): explain what a consumer persona is and evaluate its role in developing effective CX strategy. In application to Samsung identify one key consumer persona and provide the following elements in a visual format (graphic or table):
    a. Demographics and story
    b. Profile
    c. Motivations for using a Samsung mobile
    d. Goals for using a Samsung
    e. Painpoints a Samsung mobile solves
    (Suggested word count: 200 words)
  8. Mapping the customer journey (15 marks, LO2): explain what a customer journey is and discuss its importance to CX strategy. In relation to your consumer persona identified in task 2, using a graphic or table, map their customer journey. This should be from the perspective of the customer and include the following:
    a. Stages of journey
    b. Activities
    c. Feelings and needs
    d. Potential opportunities for improvement
    (Suggested word count: 200 words)
  9. Omnichannel marketing (15 marks, LO4): explain what is meant by omnichannel marketing and the role of interaction and customisation in omnichannel marketing. Identify for
    Samsung mobiles the different marketing channels used and analyse how effective Samsung is in achieving a seamless customer journey. (Suggested word count: 550 words)
  10. CX performance metrics (15 marks, LO2 and LO3): identify and critically evaluate four CX performance metrics. Provide a justified recommendation of two metrics which are the most important in the case of Samsung mobiles. (Suggested word count: 500 words)
  11. CX processes in different industries (20 marks, LO5): Using five CX Critical Success Factors (CSFs) compare and explain the CX processes in Samsung and another company of your own choice in another industry. (Suggested word count: 600 words)
  12. Conclusion (5 marks, LO1-LO5): having completed your report provide a conclusion on how effective Samsung’s CX strategy is, using evidence from the previous six tasks to support your reasoning. (Suggested word count: 150 words)
  13. Presentation (5 marks): present your report in a structured and professional manner using Harvard referencing guidelines.