Cristiano Ronaldo Now Owns An Airport.

Cristiano Ronaldo seem not to be the one chasing after fame but he just can’t stop making headlines. If it’s not about football, it’s about business, and when it’s not both, better buckle up for something super-interesting.

The Real Madrid star has added an airport to the long list of monuments named after him.

“Charity begins at home,” one might say.

CR7 has shown gratitude to his hometown Madeira in Portugal–by doing charity works, building hotels, erecting a museum and more–so now, the people he loves most dearly have decided to accord him some respect.

The airport in his hometown, formerly known as Madeira International has been named after the world-class footballer. It will now be referred to as CRISTIANO RONALDO AIRPORT.

Madeira International Airport now Cristiano Ronaldo Airport, because he’s beyond “International”.

“The announcement was made while Ronaldo was in the area to launch the first hotel named after him.

Who would be surprised if Ronaldo runs for Portugal presidency a few years later?

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