What’s A Woman’s Worth In The U.S., For Hilary Clinton?

The U.S. Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is very close to changing the landscape of American politics and governance which has before now, been a “game” left for the men. She just made history as the first woman to be nominated by a major party, as a front-runner in a United States presidential election.

However, it’s clear that no matter how strong the call for gender equality in the country gets, the media holds the power to make it a reality.

A look at the tabloids around America today shows that most newspapers ran the groundbreaking news on their front pages, according to reports.

Other newspapers with gynophobia or sexism–whatever, chose to accompany the trendsetting victory with a photo of her husband, ignoring the “tigress”.

Is that another form of politics? Or was it just a never-ending hate on women who’re hell-bent on making it to the top in American politics?

“Only 19 of the 50 leading US newspapers ran a photo of Hillary Clinton, while the rest chose to feature pictures of former president Bill Clinton, her former Democratic rival Bernie Sanders, DNC crowd shots, or they didn’t run the story at all,” the BBC reports.

The Chicago Tribune, the Washington Post, the Seattle Times, the Washington Times and the Houston Chronicle were just some of the newspapers who omitted a photo of Hillary Clinton from their front pages, SBC added.

Responses Via SBC:

YOU HAD ONE JOB. 🙄 https://twitter.com/chicagotribune/status/758167864943804417 

Hillary Clinton: Nominated for president, but not for the front page; shows how “male-centred” American media ishttp://www.bbc.com/news/election-us-2016-36908283 

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