Crazy Trend: Women Proving They Have Thin Waists.

Across China and most parts of the world, a crazy social media trend is sweeping women who do nothing but worry about their shapes right off their feet. This is insane. 1 In the past, there has been many ways to prove that a woman is in good shape. The methods include placing a coin on one's collarbone. Another is, the belly button challenge in which a lady folds her arm from the back to touch the belly button.

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The current one now is the “A4 waist challenge” where women take photos with a A4-sized paper placed in front of their midriffs.

If one’s waist is completely hidden behind the paper which is 21cm in width, it is a concrete proof that one has a thin waist.

This is the latest trend in China where women with trimmed waistlines and gaps between legs seem to be the most beautiful.

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1 Comment on Crazy Trend: Women Proving They Have Thin Waists.

  1. Sad. Women play into the idolization of certain images and damage their sisters.

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