Coronavirus: How to survive the lockdown

This coronavirus pandemic has changed a lot of things. You can’t hang out with friends, kids can’t go to school, and in some parts of Nigeria, it’s a total lockdown. This sounds like scenes from a movie. It feels like everyone’s life is on hold, literally.

Well, life doesn’t have to stop because you are self-isolating. There are lots of fun things that you can do indoors:

1. Family Time:

There is no better opportunity to spend quality time with family. Make fun TikTok videos or play board games together. If they are far away, you can get 50% more on your airtime top-up to connect with them. You can also pay for their cable TV or Netflix subscription. After all, family is all we’ve got at this point.

2. Digital Detox:

You finally have time to delete your 1000+ unread emails and unsubscribe from all those pages you don’t need anymore. Come on! Go and clear your inbox.

3. Stay Fit:

Summer body goals should not be forgotten because you are at home and the fridge has become your new bestie. Download home workout apps to stay fit and pay for your routines with your debit card.

If you’ve got kids, keep them sharp mentally with online studies. An online homeschooling platform guaranteed to make learning fun for your child.

So you see, staying at home is not such a bad idea after all. But if you choose to go outside, soldiers are waiting for you with the Indian technique. Best of luck with that.

Let’s defeat COVID-19 together. Please, play your part.