Coaching Messi and Argentina is a dream – Jorge Sampaoli

Jorge Sampaoli won the 2015 Copa America with Chile during his 4-year term as the South American country’s football manager before signing a 2-year contract with Sevilla on 28 June, 2016.

However, the 56-year-old’s future at the Spanish club looks bleak as media speculations say his current contract may not be get an extension.

As a matter on coincidence, Luis Enrique’s contract with Barcelona ends in the summer, the same time as Sampaoli’s. And a desire for trophies at Camp Nou may mark an exit for the 46-year-old Spaniard, possibly paving way for the Argentine football manager.

Sampaoli told Marca in an interview: “My dream is for my style be respected by Spanish football, to leave a mark, an unbeatable style… to consolidate myself in Europe, where the best players are undoubtedly.

“Argentina and Messi? I don’t think it’ll happen again. Argentina have great Coaches, it’s difficult.

“It was difficult to say ‘no’, but I wanted to be loyal to Sevilla.

“My future at Sevilla? I don’t know, you never know. I feel good here, I’m fighting for things and in tune with the sporting director [Monchi].

“I’m excited that the Sevilla fans can go to their stadium and see a team play without fear, wanting to play football, that they can see a good show every time they visit the Pizjuan.

“Would Monchi leaving impact on me? I don’t know. He’s still here, so we’ll see what happens in the future.

“Barca? It’s speculation, a rumour. Luis Enrique is a winner, respected and loved by his fans there.

“If he leaves, there’ll be a huge list of candidates. I see [his exit] to be a long way away, although the moment it happens, me being noticed depends on Sevilla. Nothing else.”

Jorge Sampaoli was born in Casilda, a location in Argentina’s Santa Fe Province.

As a youth player, Sampaoli loved football passionately. He played for some amateur sides before landing a contract with Newell’s Old Boys where he played until 1979 when he forcefully retired from the game due to a serious tibia and fibula injury. He was 19 at that time.

Sampaoli eventually switched to football management: Juan Aurich (2002), Sport Boys (2003), Coronel Bolognesi (2004-2006), Sporting Crystal (2007), O’Higgins (2008-2009), Emelec (2010), Universidad de Chile (2011-2012), Chile (2012-2016), Sevilla (2016-).