‘C. Ronaldo was unlucky to be born in the year of Lionel Messi,’ Sevilla Boss, Jorge Sampaoli Says

Sevilla manager Jorge Sampaoli has said it’s regrettable that Cristiano Ronaldo played football in the days of Lionel Messi, his Barcelona rival.

The 56-year-old Argentine football manager says Ronaldo’s only problem is that he lives in the same age with Barcelona’s famous No. 10 who he described as “The Best Player Of All Times.”

Sampaoli, who led the Chilean men’s national team (2012-2016) to Copa America glory against Argentina in 2015, spoke with Marca ahead of Sevilla’s Copa del Rey derby against Real Madrid.

The coach revealed he has a dream of coaching Barcelona at some point in his career, but pointed out that tutoring Messi one day would be a dream come true. He also spoke about Sevilla’s Wednesday fixture against Zinedine Zidane’s team.

In his words: “Our idea is to play Madrid on their own turf.

“If the game develops in our box, we’d suffer due to their forwards, who are ‘cracks'”.

Sampaoli is famous for his attacking style of play which has endeared him to both fans and the media.

“Our objective is to play with high pressure, drown them when they bring the ball out and get more possession than them,” he explained.

“Reaching the quarter-finals is a dream but also a possibility, even if it’ll be difficult and almost unattainable if we go by history.

“Ronaldo? He’s a great player, especially in the final third of the pitch. He’s a decisive and defining footballer.

“His only problem is that, at his peak, he’s coincided with Messi, who’s the best of all time, or almost.

“Do I dream of coaching Messi? Coaching him will always be a desire of mine.

“I’ve always said that my desire to coach the Argentine national team had a lot to do with seeing him train every day.

“However, it hasn’t happened yet. Coaching Messi is still a dream, although it doesn’t only depend on me.”

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