Christ belongs to me (Bible study for kids)

Bruce Wayne … He didn’t have what most other super heroes had.  Did you ever realize that Batman had no super power?!  He was an ordinary man that dressed up in a special suit and had some really cool gadgets; he had the Batmobile, but he did not have a super power!  He couldn’t fly, climb high buildings or have super strength.  What he did have though…was a helper, a friend that came alongside him – Robin.

In the Old Testament there is a man you may have heard of – Moses.

We know God used Moses in an incredible way to lead the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt.  Moses wasn’t anyone super or special; he was ordinary.  In fact, many people think he may have stuttered! How was God going to use him when he had a problem talking?!

LOOK IT UP:  Turn to the second book in your Bible and read Exodus 4:10-15.

When Moses tells God that he can’t talk well, did God give up on him? (No!)  Did God fix Moses? (No!)  What did God do?

Yes, God gave Moses a helper, someone to go with him, his brother, Aaron!  Batman had Robin; Moses had Aaron…and did you notice God said He would be with them too?!

You may feel like you’re just an ordinary kid with nothing special about you, but you are WRONG!  God loves to choose ordinary kids just like you to do super-great, incredible things!  We don’t need super human power when we have Jesus with us!  When we belong to Christ, we also belong in God’s family!  When we are Christ’s, we will never be alone again!

THINK ABOUT:  Think about some of the people God has placed in your life to help you – maybe your parents, an older brother or sister, a teacher or friend.  Now think about who are you being a helper or friend to?

REMEMBER:  When we have Jesus, He promises to stay with us!  We are NOT alone!

PRAY:  Thank God for making you just the way you are!  Thank Him for giving you friends & family, but most of all for Jesus Who promises to always be with you!