Chloe Khan: ‘Take A Peep At My Mansion, I Ain’t That Broke B***h.’

Image: Chloe Khan

The Celebrity Big Brother star Chloe Khan said she wants to shame critics by letting the world see her mansion. She insists her life isn’t fake, adding that her wealth isn’t overblown, too.

Image shows the Chloe’s mansion.

Chloe, 25, was branded a liar by ex-husband Ian Hough, who also said his wife of six years is a playboy wannabe.

She’s not a millionaire or anything close to that,” Ian told The Sun.

…”She never lived in America!

“How could she when she had to be in the UK for her visitations with her daughter?

“She got in touch with a company that do escorting over there and she would only ever go to see the rich clients they’d arrange for a few days then come straight back.

“Then she’d upload all her pics and fool people.

“Everything she brags about on Instagram was always with their money…”

Image shows Chloe at the balcony.

In response to the widely publicized interview, Chloe has uploaded a video tour of her luxury home to prove she’s not that broke b***h.

The bosomy beauty was seen going in from the gate of a mansion, and taking a lift to the first floor.

Her home features an open fireplace, a huge sofa, and balcony with amazing views. There’s also, a spacious meeting room with a huge table for eight.

Notable among the rooms is a big office where she was seen sitting on a large oak desk with a sign that reads: Chloe Khan CEO.

Talking about Ian’s accusation that she paid to get into a party for Playboy models, she displayed two magazines with her pictures on the front page and said: “So apparently I’m not a Playboy model and I paid thousands of pounds to get into a party.”

Chloe presents two magazines with her pictures on the front pages.

“This is my home, I love my home and I worked very hard for it,” she says.

“Now I live the life that I do, I shouldn’t have to try and justify it to people.”

Image: Chloe Khan

Though in all her comments Chloe never made any direct reference to Ian, she however, was kind enough to show viewers a glimpse into her 8-year-old’s room.

She said, “I wouldn’t go into too many details” because it was “an emotional subject for me”.

Chloe shows off her daughter’s bedroom.

In her words: “My little girl is my absolute life, she’s beautiful, she’s talented, she’s amazing.”

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2 thoughts on “Chloe Khan: ‘Take A Peep At My Mansion, I Ain’t That Broke B***h.’

  1. Celebrities will do anything to remail celebrated in the public eye but that doesn’t mean shit. You are who you are whether you claim it or not. Lying about money and personal properties can’t make them real.