China’s most famous actress indicted for tax evasion


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Fan Bingbing, China’s most popular actress who disappeared into thin air since June and resurfaced this October, was wanted for tax evasion amounting to $97m, the Chinese tax authorities said.

Her mystery disappearance from Hollywood and unexpected emergence into global spotlight is believed to be an act propelled by the long arms of Xi Jinping’s government which spares no indicted citizen notwithstanding their social class.

In a remorseful behavior similar to that seen from Chinese citizens whose acts were contrary to stipulations from the ruling Communist Party, Bingbing published a self-negating statement on social media. The widely-acclaimed most beautiful Chinese actress confirmed her alleged tax evasion crimes but will not be prosecuted for some reasons.

Tax authorities said her freedom is guaranteed, and assured she will avoid criminal investigation and possible incarceration, only if she pays up every “stolen dime”.

‘I’ve experienced pain and torment like I’ve never felt before,’ the “Buddha Mountain” star wrote in her first social media post since disappearing in June.

‘Without the Party and country’s excellent policies, without the love of the general public, there is no Fan Bingbing,’ she added in her tribute to the leading Communist Party.

Image: Fan Bingbing

The 37-year-old was released from residential surveillance at an undisclosed location, PEOPLE reported.

According to the South China Morning Post, Bingbing was released from “secret detention” about two weeks ago before she traveled to her home in Beijing. The news outlet also noted that she was held at a “holiday resort” where most indicted citizens are allegedly interrogated.

State news agency, Xinhua, reported that Bingbing will avoid criminal investigation because the tax evasion case is her first-time offence, adding that she would be forgiven if the owed amount is paid in full and within a given period. Her case would be transferred by the tax office to the police if she defaults in paying all debts as instructed.