Chess prodigy Shreyas Royal and family granted a 5-year U.K. Residential Permit


For his abundant chess talent, Shreyas Royal and his family have received a U.K. resident permit.

Shreyas Royal

Image: Shreyas Royal

Royal, 9, is a “world class” chess player who started honing his skills as a 5-year-old. He has played for England at several international competitions and won major trophies, too.

However, fans of the Indian prodigy called on the U.K. government to rescind plans of sending him and his parents back to South Asia—once their visa expires next month—as earlier notified.

Speaking of the positive consideration received on behalf of his son Royal, Mr. Jitendra Singh, an IT project manager, said they are relieved to know that the Home Office has allowed them to stay back in the U.K.

‘It has been a long wait,’ he said. ‘This is such a great relief for my family. It is good news that he can continue doing what he loves in this country.

‘Royal got so excited at the news that he jumped around on the sofa and danced.

‘We started packing our belongings to leave the U.K. since yesterday. We thought we had to go home as instructed.

‘Now, my son [Royal] will continue representing the country,’ he Mr Singh added.

The proud father explained that he arrived England when his child was only three years old.

Mr. Singh said he lives together with Royal and his mother, Anju Singh, in Woolwich Arsenal, south-east London.

Battersea Chess Club, which the young chess icon is a member, has described him as “one of the most exciting prospects in English chess” and club secretary Leon Watson says he expects Royal to develop into “a household name” as England’s first world champion.

‘The boy, Royal, is humble and very nice. He is a young man with great prospects on the world stage,’ Watson said. ‘Hopefully, he will represent England at the top level.

‘England certainly needs someone like Royal to become the next Nigel Short or Michael Adams and believe he will do us proud.’

Royal is currently second in the world chess ranking for his age group.

A spokesman for the English Chess Federation said they are “delighted” by the decision to keep Royal and his family in the U.K.

The Home Office said Mr Singh and his family got permission to apply for another five-year work visa without leaving the UK due to the “exceptional circumstances surrounding Royal’s chess talent.”

Home Secretary Sajid Javid said: “After carefully reviewing the evidence, I have taken the personal decision to allow Royal and his family to stay in the UK.

“The UK is a country that fosters world class talent and Shreyas is one of the most gifted chess players in his generation.

“We have always been clear we want a world-class immigration system that welcomes highly-talented individuals from across the globe.”