China extends Trade War to the U.S., EU and Singapore

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Trade War

China on Friday announced that it would levy anti-dumping tariffs on imported synthetic rubber from the US, the European Union (EU) and Singapore.

The introduced tariffs on halogenated butyl rubber imports, including rubber from Exxon Mobil and other US companies, would range from 23.1% to 75.5% as from 20 August, China’s Ministry of Commerce said.

Among the affected companies was Arlanxeo Belgium which would face a 27.4% duty, as rubber imports from the Exxon Mobil Chemical and other firms in the EU would be slapped with a 71.9%.

Rubber from Arlanxeo Singapore has been subject to a 23.1% tariff, with other Singapore companies facing a 45.2% duty.

This came after the Chinese ministry previously imposed temporary anti-dumping duties on synthetic rubber imports from those countries in April.

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