Chen Yanxi, beautiful Chinese actress slays in pink

Michelle Chen Yanxi, the pretty Chinese actress who is popular for her roles in a 2011 film You Are The Apple Of My Eye, has never ceased to wow in public with her fashion statements, smart ideas and charm.

The Taiwanese movie star attended an event on Thursday 18 January, 2018 glittering in a pink dress which showcased her thin waistline, bodacious figure and enchanting smiles.

Yanxi, 34, has a unique sense of style. Her elegance couldn’t be better highlighted with the flower-shaped diamond accessories and classic, glittering high heels.

Drooling at Yanxi’s slender legs and sweet, lively nature, one could only idealize the Badges of Fury actress as a winter bloom. She is simply cute and loveable.

Here are a few pictures from Chen Yanxi:

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Yanxi fell in love with Xiao (her co-star in Romance of the Condor Heroes) in 2015. On 19 July, they got married in a glamorous wedding held in Beijing and another wedding banquet in Taipei on July 21, 2016.

Their first child, a baby boy named Chen Muchen, was born in the same year.