Celine Dions’s Revelation On Career And Botox Use.

Celine Dion appeared on The Big Show hosted by longtime friend Michel Drucker, there she made a surprising revelation on her beauty secrets, career and more.

Image: Celine Dion

The Canadian music icon was asked how she has managed to keep such a flawless, youthful and sparkling skin for the long period of her career. Her response was very simple.

The 47-year-old says the beauty secrets are, “Both products of Hollywood: L’Amour Anti Aging Face Cream and L’Amour Vitamin C Eye Serum.”

Image shows singer, Celine Dion

Celine Dion reportedly launched her ‘No-Tox’ campaign after rumors went rife in the media that she was having plastic surgery and botox enhancement in order to stay looking younger for her Vegas shows. Now she has come clean with proofs.

This is good not just to quell the negative rumors but for every woman who will get satisfaction from using the said products.

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Picture shows Celine Dion, Before and After

Though Celine Dion says she’s motivated by the need to help women around the world, it might be true as I stated above but in the real sense of it, whatever the company paid her for the “revelation” or marketing wouldn’t matter any ways, she deserves it as an honor.

Image shows the Canadian singer, Celine Dion

“Enough is enough!” Céline Marie Claudette Dion (real names) told People magazine.

“I have enjoyed a remarkable career, but now it is time to give back to my fans. I wanted to do something that will leave a mark in society.

“Botox is not the healthy way to stay young and beautiful.

“Finally I can introduce everyone to an all-natural product line that has helped me stay so successful as an older woman in a music industry filled with so many young beautiful faces”.

Reports confirm the famous singer came across the beauty secrets in her relentless search for a natural and healthy solution that could reverse aging.

Image shows Celine Dion as she performs on stage.

After the mother-of three revealed these organic anti-aging beauty secrets in an exclusive interview: L’Amour Anti Aging Face Cream and L’Amour Vitamin C Eye Serum, a further investigation as reported by the media, says many clever women around the world are already using these products.

Celine's stayed so young on stage thanks to Trū Belleza Instalift & Trū Belleza Eye Serum.

Image shows Celine Dion at the show where she made her revelations.

Celine Dion is not the only celebrity with knowledge of the beauty secrets, many Hollywood actresses have been secretly using these products, too.

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