Careers: How To Impress An Interviewer.

Going for an interview is like having a box of chocolate, you never know what you’ll get but bear in mind that first impressions are usually formed within 30 seconds. The first thing an employer will notice is your physical appearance.

Image: Interview in progress.

Passing a wrong signal with your looks can get you hired or fired even before the interview proper.

You are therefore advised to consider picking a wardrobe that communicates professionalism.


Conduct a research on which dress code is acceptable in the company’s culture. If you know anyone from the company, ask questions on what is appropriate. You may also contact the company’s Human Resource Department and ask what is recommended in terms of attire.

Professional, managerial, or executive positions will always demand that you wear a suit. Prepare a few interview suits to select from ahead of time. A suit tailored to your body may be the best choice.

For a lower ranking position, you should consider a business casual outfit. A nice blouse with dress pants or a skirt is recommended for women. Men can wear dress pants and a button down shirt and tie.

Always remember that a greater percentage of people would rate your value from your footwear. If you have a nice suit and tie, don’t mess up your sweet looks with a pair of tattered shoes that has “poverty” written on it. You may want to invest in one or a few pairs but of a high quality instead of having many without value.

Understand that some people are allergic to strong perfumes, the interviewer may be one. Consider using deodorants for the interview and avoid perfumes completely, if you can.

Looking cute can land you a dream job but a job seeker isn’t expected to wear jewelries or anything flashy that might distract the employer. Portraying yourself as arrogant isn’t a good way to impress interviewers.

On the same hand, ladies are advised to wear simple make-up whilst sticking to neutral shades of lipstick, eye-liner, and eye shadow.


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