How to write a job-winning CV

Writing your CV has changed over the last ten years. Gone are the days when you wrote your CV to impress the hiring manager. Today you’re writing your CV to pass an applicant tracking system (ATS), and then the hiring manager review. I’ve discussed extensively across this website how to write your CV to pass an ATS by … Continue reading How to write a job-winning CV

9 Sentences You Shouldn’t Use In An Interview

Employers have revealed a few secrets that could help any job-seeker avoid trivial mistakes with generic statements during interviews. These errors are indeed, very costly and could be the only distance keeping any candidate away from landing that dream job. Image: Interview in progress. A panel of career coaches assembled by Forbes have revealed their picks … Continue reading 9 Sentences You Shouldn’t Use In An Interview

20 Questions You Should Never Ask In An Interview.

Job seekers go through so much stress preparing for interviews with expectations of possible questions to be asked. It, however, becomes challenging when an interviewer turns the table on a candidate with this inevitable sentence: "do you have any questions for me?" Image: Words of advice from HR professional, Amy Hoover. The difficult problem becomes … Continue reading 20 Questions You Should Never Ask In An Interview.

How Microsoft’s “Impossible” Interview Question Mystify Candidates.

Interviews can be nerve-wrecking enough for every candidate, but how would an interviewer expect job-seekers to cope when a near-impossible question is thrown at them right at the end of the process? Technology giant Microsoft has allegedly done just that to hopeful jobseekers looking to secure a role at the company. According to a comment on … Continue reading How Microsoft’s “Impossible” Interview Question Mystify Candidates.

Interview Preparation Ideas.

Some interview invitations come with a few days notification and most job seekers get thrown off balance due to inadequate preparation time. Image: Interview preparation ideas for job seekers. Using your time wisely by  getting the important things done first, will reduce chances of failure. These are some ideas on the necessary things to do within … Continue reading Interview Preparation Ideas.

Careers: How To Impress An Interviewer.

Going for an interview is like having a box of chocolate, you never know what you'll get but bear in mind that first impressions are usually formed within 30 seconds. The first thing an employer will notice is your physical appearance. Image: Interview in progress. Passing a wrong signal with your looks can get you … Continue reading Careers: How To Impress An Interviewer.

Competency-Based Interview Questions Simplified.

This is a follow-up to an article you might also want to read: Important Competence Based Interview Tips. It is very important to explain here that competency-based interview questions vary widely between sectors. It is also different depending on the type or level of responsibility to which a job seeker is applying for. Image: How competency-based questions … Continue reading Competency-Based Interview Questions Simplified.

Important Competence Based Interview Tips.

Every job seeker gets nervous about competence based interviews -  though in different ways. Things get worse when you face a few unfriendly interviewers who wear faces meant for soldiers on the battlefield; and dish out questions like you wrecked havoc at their homes last Halloween. Image: Competence based interviewing. At those times we pray … Continue reading Important Competence Based Interview Tips.