CAR-WARS: Rolls Royce and Chinese-made BYD

A young Chinese man won’t ever forget the terrible feeling he experienced after bashing an expensive Rolls Royce while overspeeding in his China-made mini car. The traffic offender was on his way to work, recklessly driving a BYD car when the accident occurred.


Traffic police arrived at the scene and figured out that the poor guy hurriedly changed lanes without prior notice.

Realizing the gravity of his offence, the BYD driver refused to come out of his car. He was said to have contacted his family and threatened to commit suicide if required to pay for repairs on the Rolls Royce.


The remorseful driver cried uncontrollably until he was asked to step out of the vehicle.

Unable to stare at the Rolls Royce owner, the driver who earns roughly $300 per month said in a sorrowful manner: “Master, please forgive me. I’m terribly sorry for my errors.

“I have aged parents to look after. And my meagre salary couldn’t cash out on this mini car. I took a loan to buy it.”

He added: “My little savings can only help send my kids to school. There’s no way I can be able to take responsibility for repairing your car.”


The Rolls Royce owner was filled with pity as he looked on while the traffic offender rolled on the ground. A large crowd of onlookers also gathered to plead for mercy.

“Looking at your behavior, I’ll not ask that you take responsibility for this mess,” the luxury car owner said. “Go home and look after your family.”

He added: “You must be very careful next time because every other person won’t be like me.”

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