South Korea confirms its military cyber command was hacked

South Korea has confirmed its cyber command was hacked last month, after officials discovered a malicious code in the system, reports say. The cyber attack has quickly aroused suspicions that North Korea might have been the culprit.
southkorean military command hacked
Though it remains unclear how the security was breached, officials confirm the malware code had targeted a “vaccine routing server” used by country’s military cyber command to protect about 20,000 military computers which are used for internet purposes.

According to Yonhap News, Kim Jin-pyo [a lawmaker from the country’s main opposition party] said in an interview:Β “A malicious code has been identified and it seems to have taken advantage of the vulnerability of the routing server,” adding that “in a cautious measure, the server has been separated from the network”.

Kim said that chances are “very low” that the latest hacking led to a leak of confidential information given that the military’s intranet is not connected to the server, the report adds.

A probe is underway to uncover how the malware code accessed the country’s military cyber command.

Considering the growing tension between South and North Korea, it won’t be a surprise if Kim Jong Un’s governmentΒ is finally confirmed to be the attacker.

Kim’s government suffered same fate when its nuclear plant and subway was hijacked last year–an attack it blamed on the South.