World’s most hated man is paying to get ‘deadly’ punches

Martin Shkreli won the World’s Most Hated Man award, after hiking the price for AIDS drugs by 5,000 per cent from £8.90 to £498. The American pharmaceutical entrepreneur is a co-founder of hedge fund MSMB Capital Management.

Martin is also a co-founder and former Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a biotechnology firm Retrophin.

In September 2015, Martin made headlines around the world when Turing Pharmaceuticals [a company he founded and served as its CEO] obtained the manufacturing license for an antiparasitic drug Daraprim.

Turin allegedly hiked Daraprim’s price to an alarming 5,556 percent (from US$13.5 to US$ 750 per tablet).

A remorseful Martin recently lost one of his close friends to cancer. The deceased, Mike Kulich left a young son behind.

In order to raise funds for his friend’s son, ‘America’s Most Hated Man’ has decided to kill two birds with a stone. You punch him in the face for an alleged greed, and his friend’s son gets some money in return.

However, the single punch isn’t for free. Bids for the revengeful action has so far skyrocketed up to $78,000 (£60,000), Metro reported.

Would you pay such amount to slap or punch someone as “selfish” and “heartless” as Martin? Most people say they’d do it twice no matter the cost.

The world’s most hated man started this “punch in the face” campaign and we will see how it ends.

Martin Shkreli

@MartinShkreli Donation for my PR consultant who passed away. Leaves behind a young child who is recovering from cancer. 2:05 AM – 27 Sep 2016

Martin Shkreli

@MartinShkreli I will auction one slap/punch in the face to benefit my friend Mike who passed away & leaves behind a young son who survived cancer. DM bids. 2:44 AM – 27 Sep 2016

Martin Shkreli

@MartinShkreliI’ll match donation to a certain point. You may video the slap/punch. Mike architected my publicity stunts & I bet he is watching, smiling. 2:49 AM – 27 Sep 2016

One inquisitive internet user asked if Mike Tyson can be nominated to do the punching.

Martin appeared in court earlier this year for questioning on fraud charges.

“Can I go play Pokemon now?” The accused asked his criminal defense lawyer after a judge told them his trial date had been fixed.

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