Brothers Built Villa Homes for an Entire Community

‘Charity’ they say, ‘begins at home’. A group of four brothers surely knew the meaning of “charity at home” so they decided to give surprise villa homes to their fellow villagers in the community.


The brothers are millionaire businessmen from China’s Jiangxi Province.

Their family name is Xiong and the name of the community is Xiong Keng. From the similar names, you would think they belong to the royal family but far from it. 


It is uncommon for kings or traditional rulers to show such an act of kindness to their subjects – not in this 21st century. The siblings are from a modest home just like every other family in the village.


A total of 72 families are currently enjoying their homes and living their dream lives in their villa homes.

Hope this serves as a motivation to other budding millionaires around the world.


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