Boy, 15, goes Blind after a Bully stabbed him with a Pen in School

A 15-year-old boy from Malling School in East Malling, Kent, has gone blind in one eye after a bully attacked him with a pen.

Haydn Smith was reportedly playing football in school when the attacker approached him with the object.

He was struck in the eye and abandoned as he wiggled in pain.

Boy, 15, left blind in one eye after being 'stabbed with pen at school'

Image: Hadyn Smith

His grieving mom Michelle said her son underwent a three-hour operation as doctors battled relentlessly to save his life.

Unfortunately, the efforts proved abortive because his retina was badly damaged.

Smith, now a one-eyed boy, will learn to accept his condition in preparation for a repeat of Year 10. He has been out of school since April.

Although Kent Police reportedly said the incident is currently undergoing investigations, Carl Roberts, the headmaster at Malling School, said in a statement: “Staff at the school have been working hard to support Haydn and his mother through this difficult time.

“Our sympathies are with all pupils involved in this terrible event and we will continue to do all we can to support Haydn and other pupils affected by it.”

Michelle, mom to the victim, said: “Haydn was repeatedly bullied by a group of boys and in April a child stabbed him in the eye with a pen.

“His eye was bleeding from inside and he couldn’t open it. The whole of his eye was black.

“He is not good. He isn’t even a shadow of his former self. He has no confidence.

“He won’t leave the house and has panic attacks. Little things we take for granted like crossing the road have become a lot harder.

“At first we didn’t realize Haydn had gone blind.

“We were travelling from Kent to London to visit the hospital twice a week.

“Then after three weeks we were told there was nothing they could do. A CT scan revealed the pen had gone through the eye and damaged the retina.”

Boy, 15, left blind in one eye after being 'stabbed with pen at school'

Image: Haydn Smith

Smith’s eye bled from the inside, and he has been unable to see with it. His iris was hit very hard in the violent attack, damaging part of it as a result.

Michelle was furious at the school headmaster Carl, who she said, has not reached out to know how the poor boy has fared since that attack.

However, she added that other senior staff in the school have been supportive.

The grieving mom also spoke about her boy’s dreams saying, “He has been emotionally and physically affected by this. He had dreams of being a carpenter but the school have taken him off of the course because of health and safety.

“Other dreams included being a long distance lorry driver, but we don’t know if that will happen now because of his sight.”