Black Man called 911; police arrived and punched him to death

After recent reports on police brutality against blacks in the U.S., one might still think it’s wrong to generalize on “racial profiling” in the American society. But this case of Tawon Boyd, who called in emergency services to save his life and ended up dead, will make you think otherwise.

Boyd succumbed to his injuries three days later (Picture: WJZ)

According to reports, the 21-year-old young feared for his life after getting so high on an unnamed drug so he called 911.

Unfortunately, the police arrived and sent him to hell through the shortest route–violence.

Police officers who responded to Tawon’s call for help, arrived the scene but engaged him in a brawl with claims that he was highly resistant. A report from the cops said the deceased tried to gain forceful entry into police vehicles before he was punched in the face and “restrained”.

Officer Bowman and Officer Garland were said to be responsible for the young black man’s death.

After Tawon was knocked down to the ground, one of the officers held his hands from behind and pushed his head. The other cop then leaned on the suspect’s buttocks and thigh area, literally choking him to death after raining deadly punches on his face.

According to witnesses at the scene, the police brutality victim was heard shouting: ‘Stop, stop. I can’t breathe.’

The unlucky young man suffered serious body injuries before he was finally loaded into the ambulance. Though medics said he had pulse at the time, Tawon was admitted in intensive care with swelling and fluid on the brain.

His injuries were complicated when he suffered kidney failure and died three days later in the hospital.

Reports confirm that Tawon was kept on life support after the attack from cops. Doctors were unable to revive him for the whole three days he spent in hospital.

Black man calls 911 for help – police arrive and beat him to death

Meanwhile, initial accounts by Baltimore County Police Department claimed officers arrived the home after receiving a call from Tawon’s girlfriend, Deona Styron. The statement implied his death was justified on account of “spouse abuse”.

Latoya Francis-Williams, a lawyer representing the Tawon’s family, refuted the police claim, saying the deceased was the one who requested assistance from cops.

“They really were supposed to be there to get him to the nearest healthcare facility,” the lawyer said.

Realizing they’ve made contradicting statements on the matter, the police updated their initial briefing, saying: ‘Police originally thought the girlfriend was the caller because the information passed on to police from the dispatcher said “female yelling on the phone”.’

The police report states: ‘While speaking with the subject, I observed that he was sweating heavily and appeared to be confused and paranoid.

‘It was obvious that Suspect Boyd was under the influence of a narcotic and/or suffering, and needed to be taken to the hospital for an emergency evaluation.’


Police say an autopsy could take up to a month.